Reformation Day or God loves ME more than God loves you!

  We recently celebrated the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing a paper onto a church door. This paper stated in 95 theses that God’s grace is a free gift for all people. That’s an incredibly bold statement in a world where the church taught that “if you don’t believe like …


This Must Never Happen Top You

“God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you”, says Peter to Jesus in Matthew 6:22, when Jesus openly talks about his upcoming suffering and crucifixion. Isn’t that something we always say? Don’t we all understand Peter so well! Somebody opens up about a real bad thing happening in …


Do Animals Go To Heaven?

Ecumenical Podcast of the Copper Cliff Ministerial. Rev. Glen Miller – Anglican Church of Canada Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada Rev. James Clarke – United Church of Canada Mrs. Beverly van der Jagt – Anglican Church of Canada Rev. Olaf Baumann – Evangelical Lutheran Church …

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