Liturgy Of The Hours

Did you know that Christians pray all the time? The Liturgy of the Hours is a long standing Christian tradition practiced in many denominations. It consists of 8 daily prayer devotions, usually including psalms, hymns, readings and prayers. The prayer times are named with their Latin names, as this tradition …


We Are All Heretics

  Sermon for the Ecumenical Prayer Service for Christian Unity, Anglican Church of the Ascension, Sunday 1/25/2015, Sudbury, ON. God bless you, sisters and brothers. I am Reverend Olaf Baumann; I’m pastor at St. Matthew and St. Timothy Lutheran Churches. Reverend Glenda Morrissette was scheduled to preach at this event, …


Religion Poisons Everything?

In the aftermath of the horrific attacks in Paris it is easy to think that religion poisons everything. It is easy, because most religious systems carry within them a destructive element that asserts the primacy of one particular religion over all other religious movements. In the Paris attacks radical Islam …

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